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Social Media Marketing is a process of promoting your products and business via social media channels useing a
powerful strategy that brings you links, attention, traffic and retention. Interactivity improves credibility and social
media channels are effective pathways for increasing customer loyalty and attracting prospects to your products.

Shout Out

"My career went to the next level and my bookings shot up dramatically after the exposure on realtvfilms as a host."
-Traci Stumpf

"I have been working with Gordon and RealTVfilms since 2009 as a Producer and Host and it's been great for my acting career, just Google Me!"
-Samantha Gutstadt

"Being part of the RealTVfilms Social Lodge brand during Sundance 2013 created awareness for my product Sadaro Perfume."
-Kim Spadaro

"The Social Media impressions from RealTVfilms has created extended awareness for the Brands Jade Umbrella works with."
-Stacy Barker

"Gordon, as a Producer for my films "The Mourning Hour" and "Conversations with Lucifer" was great on set and the value of his PR and production skill was perfect for our entire crew."
-Shavaun Kastl

"Our Electronic Press Kits and publicity that Gordon and RealTVfilms created has increased the overall value of our films. Having Gordon on as a Producer on the film "HUFF" and web series "SALVAGED" was a good experience and looking forward to future projects."
-Paul Morrell

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