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Lilly Dennis never stops. She’s like a shark (a very nice and considerate shark, that is) she never stops moving forward. She’s one of those amazing actors who has such enormous drive, energy and talent that from the outside, people must think she’s an obsessed zealot on a personal mission. And perhaps she is on a mission, a mission to that drives her to constantly want to act and entertain people. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, is it?

Lilly is from down under – even farther down under than you think. She’s from Tasmania, which is an Australian island state that lies about 1,400 miles south of the Australian continent. How did Lilly come to live and work in Hollywood? She flew, of course. Okay, just kidding. She decided to come here to here when she was eighteen because, as you can imagine, an island with only half a million people living on it might not have adequate training facilities for someone with the drive, energy and talent to become one of the best actors in the theatre and film industry. So, knowing that, Lilly applied to the oldest acting school in the English-speaking world, was accepted and left home for Los Angeles ten days later.

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA doesn’t just accept anyone, you know. If you apply, you have to show some promise as an actor, which, naturally, Miss Lilly Dennis had plenty of and got in very smoothly. So smoothly in fact that she was invited back for a second year. After graduating from the program, Lilly was invited to be a member of the American Academy Theater Company, a separate institution, which is a pretty prestigious thing to happen to anyone. Since then, Lilly has filled a whole page of the IMDB with acting credits. See what I mean about drive, energy and talent; this woman will never stop no matter what happens.

Lilly has acted in tons of films, numerous TV series and performed in countless live stage productions. She grew up with a deep love for the theater, which she says will always be in her blood, but she also is passionate about films. She can play any role that comes her way and she gets a huge personal thrill out of making people laugh.



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