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The House of Colors, Animated Short, Red Clover Studios, LA SHORTS Film Festival

The House Of Colors

The House Of Colors

The film will have it’s World Premiere at the LA SHORTS International Film Festival this coming August 9th

A young girl learns the story behind one of her mothers in the latest animated short from Red Clover Studios.

The new short by Red Clover Studios, ‘The House of Colors’, begins with a young girl, Margarita, watching a TV show which takes place at an orphanage. The show awakens her imagination and she dreams of going to the place she sees on TV. Her mother, Isabel, tells Margarita it will not be what she expects but agrees to take her to an orphanage.

Upon arriving at the orphanage, Isabel greets the nun who opens the door lovingly and inside, Margarita notices rows and rows of colors. Upon closer inspection, she notices they are Polaroid pictures depicting the adopted children with the nun who took care of them before they were adopted.

Margarita and Isabel say goodbye to the nun who gives Margarita a Polaroid from the rows to take home, when Margarita offered her teddy bear in exchange. Once home, Margarita adds the Polaroid picture to the fridge, right between a picture of her two mothers getting married and a drawing Margarita had made of her with her two mothers. This picture, as well as wondrous trees of La Plata, this mysterious house, and her loving Mother’s secret, make her realize what her mother was trying to tell her. Meanwhile we hear Margarita tells us that “the valuable things in life are not on the surface, they are rooted beneath” and that “what is most important is how some people make you feel and the lasting impression they leave on you”.

Nicolas Villarreal is the co-writer and Director of the short, co-founder of Red Clover Studios, and Director of the Visual Development Department at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. This is his third animated short, with the previous two award winning films ‘Pasteurized’ and ‘Nieta’ receiving high praises in their screenings at Cannes. On his new short, ‘The House of Colors’, he comments, “This short is a tribute to all those who make adoptions possible and a reminder of how many loving parents are out there waiting to be given the chance to adopt.”

In the United States alone, there are over 100,000 children in the foster care system waiting to be adopted. The average age of a waiting child is 7.7 years and 29% spend at least three years in foster care. On the other side of the adoption process, 81.5 million Americans have considered adoption but with costs around $40,000 and wait times which can exceed 5 years, the process is long and daunting on both sides. LGBT individuals face an even tougher road with each state having its own laws pertaining to LGBT adoption.

With his eclectic style and distinct visual pattern Nicolas Villarreal brings this story, which echoes that of so many adopted children around the world, to life. The story takes place in La Plata, Argentina, Nicolas’ hometown, and it was co-written by him and his sister, Justina.

The short, ‘The House of Color’, will be screening at LA SHORTS International Film Festival on 9th of August and it’s trailer appears online at:



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