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Garee Mel Battad, True Food Kitchen , Fox Restaurant Concepts, THE POINT, El Segundo

The Point (Located at the Northeast Corner of Sepulveda Blvd & Rosecrans Ave)
860 S Sepulveda, Suite 100
El Segundo, CA 90245

True Food Kitchen HIRING FAIR:

WHEN: July 2 – 3 and July 6 – 8
WHERE: The Point is located on the North East Corner of Sepulveda and Rosecrans. Enter at the stop light at the intersection of Village Drive & Rosecrans. Keep to the right, and look for the tent.

Garee Mel Battad, True Food Kitchen, The Point

Garee Mel Battad, True Food Kitchen, The Point

#TrueFoodKitchen #ElSegundo #ThePoint exec Chef #GareeBattad giving hiring luv to #DrakeVasquez

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Fox Restaurant Concepts is a growing restaurant group encompassing over a dozen unique concepts spanning 8+ states with 4,000-plus employees. Each concept strives to provide guests with a remarkable dining experience that will leave a lasting impression. Varying from contemporary upscale to fast casual and walkup retail, Fox Restaurant Concepts is dedicated to creating flavorful, fresh and innovative cuisine, and offers gracious service in stylish and comfortable settings.

Globetrotting Swedish actress Stina Lundberg

Stina Lundberg

For Swedish actress Stina Lundberg, it all began when her mother put her in dancing school at the tender age of 6 and from there an incredible talent was born.
Stina made it clear that although there wasn’t an actual acting school in her hometown, she still managed to snag the lead in all school plays ever produced during the time she was a student. Every chance she had to act, she took describing herself as a wild and unafraid child.

Since then, her career has escalated to amazing heights. She’s played the lead role in films like Cheater, Textaholic, Little Screams, The Key and many more. She’s been in countless commercials including: Rahja Yoga, Hydroxycut, and Feeding The Actor.

On stage, she has played Cinderella in Happily Ever After, Katharine in Cruel Intentions and Brooke in Other Desert Cities.
Stina says that so far she has two favorite roles that she has played. The first was Sarah, in ‘The Uninvited Guest’. She expressed how much she loved this role because the stakes were so high for her and in every scene she faced a surprise. Her other absolute favorite role was playing the lead actress in Bronco and cited she loved it so much because the character was so different from her. She smoked, she didn’t have any ambitions, the love of her life left her for someone else and she used another boy to heal that wound. She pointed out both as being two interesting characters to work on.
Proving how in demand she really is, Stina says one of her biggest career highlights thus far was when Innovate International Inc flew her out to Canada to shoot the commercial for Hydroxycut. Her dream is to continue perfecting her craft as a successful actress and keep her fans and audiences glued to their seats. Some of her biggest inspirations include Noomi Rapace for being so gutsy to take on roles very different from her and Meryl Streep for her natural and awe inspiring work. We can’t wait to see Stina Lundberg in her next role. This is one beautiful Swedish actress turning heads wherever she goes!

Petra Vasvari – Making a huge mark on the Cinematography industry

Petra Vasvari
Petra Vasyari’s visual works are one of a kind. She studied Visual Media Production at University Campus Suffolk. Vasvari said in a recent interview that she has been a creative mind since a very young and that she has always been interested in art. She has worked on multiple commercials, short films, music videos and more. These can be viewed on her website http://www.petravasvari.com/ Vasvari has held a number of different creative positions in filmography. She has been a Production Designer, a Costume Designer, Art Director, and contributed to the success of countless well known productions.
We can find several different genres when searching through her international achievements; short films (“Skyscraper”, “Princess”, and “The Eucharist”) music videos (Angelica Agurbash, Pegasus Warning – Olive Island, Manu Gavassi –Esse Amor Terre, KORR-A – Heart of Glass, Sawyer – Please) feature films; (The Goob, 45 Years, The Spoiler) Velvet stated how she finds it intriguing to switch between genres and that her preference working on a project depends more on the story line and her connection with the idea or concept, rather than the actual genre.
In the same interview Petra Vasvari also highlighted the importance that creativity plays a big part in set designing. Vasvari said “In set design I like how we get a chance to create a space that (hopefully) tells a story on it’s own; that allows us to explore, build things and craft a visual story as a team.” This quote says a lot about how Vasvari approaches visual concepts in the film industry.
Vasvari’s creative mind and fantastic artistic work have earned her respectable titles within the industry. She has worked in multiple areas within film development and according to industry professionals she has been a great asset to the projects. Petra Vasvari is clearly a very talented artist and has had a huge impact on the world of cinematography.

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