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USC Libraries 29th Annual Scripter Awards, Nicole Brajer

wenty-Ninth Annual Scripter Awards

USC Libraries Twenty-Ninth Annual Scripter Awards

RealTVfilms coverage of the USC Libraries 29th Annual Scripter Awards with host Nicole Brajer and DP Jimmy Alioto

Author/nominee Saroo Brierley, screenwriter/nominee Theodore Melfi (HIDDEN FIGURES), author/nominee Margot Lee Shetterly (HIDDEN FIGURES), screenwriter/nominee Eric Heisserer (ARRIVAL), screenwriters/nominees Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (THE PEOPLE V. O.J. SIMPSON), screenwriter/nominee Eric Oleson (MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE), screenwriter/nominee Tara Herrmann (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK), and executive producer Stephen Cornwell (THE NIGHT MANAGER).

Since 1988, the USC Libraries Scripter Award has honored each year’s best adaptation of the printed word to film. Scripter celebrates writers and writing, collaboration, and the profound results of transforming one artistic medium into another. It stands as an emblem of the libraries’ ability to inspire creative and scholarly achievement.

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Technology

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Technology

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Technology

Since time immemorial technology has always been the solution to many of humanities challenges along our timeline. From lifesaving developments like penicillin to very basic things like the twist-off beer cap. There was never an age in history that did not benefit from the technology of that day in a major way. The common driver to developments in technology is the desire to better people’s lives. Elimination of problems is the best way to better people’s lives. Read on as we continue to discuss how to solve the biggest problems with technology.

The need for water in the fertile but dry region of Goshen in Egypt led to the development of large scale irrigation systems. This water movement technology was further developed to solve the problem of drinking water in Roman cities. Aqueduct technology is the result of early engineering solutions to everyday problems. Therefore, if we should use technology to solve today’s problems we may borrow from tried and tested strategies. Let’s look at the impact of technology in Gambling and Casino Industry, in 2016 the mobile gambling industry is said to be equivalent $100bn, that simple proves the growth of online gambling industry, most of online casinos such as new zealand casinos, Australian casinos and many more has the most advanced online casino games.

There is a great increase in the number of resources being devoted towards scientific research and development. Regardless of the primary uses of the tech, tech development should be encouraged on all levels. Tech that is developed to primarily serve one section of society can find a home in another sector. A typical example is the airplane whose development was quickened because of its military applications. Now the same machines are used in rescue operations during disaster times. So even if tech is being developed for use in the real money online gambling industry if you have an interest in playing for real money visit https://www.cancasinos.ca/ and play for great amount of cash, support it! It may just find applications in cracking the cure of diseases like cancer.

That is how to solve the biggest problems with technology. To support all research and development even in some morally grey areas. That same tech may end up as a useful tool in the right hand. The future is for the technology brave!

Secret Room Events , 74th Golden Globe Awards Nominees and presenters, SLS Hotel Beverly Hills

Aluxe, Rose Bryant

Aluxe , Rose Bryant

Story by Actress Rose Bryant 1-8-17

The doors of the Secret Room honoring the 74th Golden Globe nominees at the SLS Hotel in the main ball room opened up to the tradition Hollywood red carpet, but beyond the shutterflies was a host of wonderful displays and a plethora of products and their samples. The event’s sponsor, Anne Neilson of Charlotte, NC’s  did very well to ensure a classy “spa like” event very fitting of the honories and venue. In fact, the first product offering was the Neilson candle that was specifically created for the event. The “luminous” candle is a fresh scent reminiscent of a luxurious spa and even offers the “upcycle” opportunity as the glass containers is actually a sturdy and elegant drinking glass. Although, with an 80 hour candle burn time it will take some time to use for the purpose. Natural Skin Care products was big theme of the night offering many luxurious unisex products made with medically sound or natural ingredients. Woda European Skin Care introduced their product line “Woda”, which means water in Polish, that provides your face with necessary hydration and key nutrients. All products are organic and were never tested on animals. Additionally, a fun fact is they shared is that for every product purchased the company plants a tree to give back to the environment making this not only good for your skin, but also to the planet. CelleCle Skincare, an Orange county based company, offers skin care remedies to correct the environmental and technological damage that skin is subject to on a daily basis. The collection works on the cellular level to destress the skin and break down the skin barriers that these modern issues cause. This cell energizing and detoxifying process allows products to penetrate the skin properly. “Modern Solutions for Modern Skin”.

A fun product of the evening was the Happiness Box. The name of the product is not a play on words it is literally a Happiness Box, or actually a Happiness tin. This cute tin has a pop off top and contains 365 happy and inspiring quotes from the likes of Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa. The concept is that you take out one per day to encourage – obviously – positivity and happiness.
Forever in my Heart, an online company, displayed their collection of “animal” bracelets that include cremation jewelry, animal jewelry and one of a kind pieces. Every purchase donates 40% of the payment to an animal of the buyer’s selection upon checkout.
Martinni Beauty Inc. demonstrated an expansive product line that included, but not limited to, serums at home masks. They offer 70 masks that are paraben, alcohol, and fragrance free that provide instant results.
Although the spa-like setting of the event provided a luxurious and elegant atmosphere, the four legged participants stole the show. The event’s official charity, Paw Works, offered a heartwarming look into their non-profit animal rescue organization and their unwavering dedication to save poor pooches from kill shelters. The focus of their efforts is articulated in their mission statement “We shall lead, protect, heal, comfort and shelter those who cannot speak for themselves.” To do so they have established partnerships with both local governments and city businesses to save these fur babies and help find them their forever homes. They have established pet adoption and community programs to focus on “responsible pet ownership and solutions that address animal overpopulation and abandonment”. To date Paw Works has successfully saved close to 2,100 animals and, according to their website, has spent an average of over $125,00 per year in just medical costs. This wonderful organization truly helps those who can’t help themselves.

Secret Room Events REEL 74th Golden Globe Awards Nominees and presenters

Talent Interviews from the Secret Room Include:
Steven Bauer“Ray Donovan”
Smealinho “The Prince” Rama“MMA Fighter”
Freda Payne “Singer”
Donnell Turner“General Hospital”
Tommy Davidson“Vacation Creation”
Laci Kay“Singer”
Amin El Gamal“Prison Break: Sequel 2017”
Daygo Harmany , JP Cali Smoov , Tay Walker“Music Artists”
Maria Conchita Alonso“Actress”
Nelson Esteves “Actor”
Bonnie Morgan“Rings Movie”
Hayden Summerall“Music Artist”
Sheri PedigoSinger, Songwriter, Scripter

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